W dniu 14.02.2022 zakończył się się konkurs na najpiękniejszy wiersz miłosny w języku angielskim. Oto wyniki:
I miejsce: Małgorzata Basznianin kl. 3eg
II miejsce: Julia Puchała: kl.1b
III miejsce: Dorota Wróbel kl.3dg

Najlepsze wiersze są zamieszczone również w zakładce Język angielski.


Oto najpiękniejsze wiersze:

I miejsce


Sleep my heart, the moon is coming up,

Everything is alright,

Don’t worry Sweetheart, I love You like a bird loves the sky,

I’m far away from You, but my soul belongs to You.

You can hear my voice every night,

When I pray for You tonight,

I close my eyes and I can see us, among the stars 

I’m asking you if I could stay there with You forever

You are smiling and saying that everything will be okey

Suddenly, I wake up

But I still love You

And this love will never pass away…

Małgorzata Basznianin kl. 3eg

II miejsce

I hope you know

I want you with me

My palm in your palm,

My lips on your lips-

I think it's meant to be

'Cause when our eyes meet, 

You greet me with a smile

As bright and warm as the sun-

My world stops

And I know you're the one

And I know I'll stay,

Devoted to you to the core

And 'till the day I die

You'll be my muse,

The one I adore

Julia Puchała: kl.1b

III miejsce

Today is a very special day

Because it’s a Valentine’s Day

And because of that

I would love to tell you something

straight through my heart.

You seem like the right person for me

And don’t be rude, do not spill the tea

But when I see you,

 I just know it-

That you made my whole world better,

I want to show it.

So would you like to give me a chance

To take your hands and dance,

Just for a while, in a quiet place,

Where we can be alone, face to face?

Dorota Wróbel kl.3dg